Is There Yoga Help for BiPolar Disorder?

Bi-Polar disorder, also known as manic depression is common and is found in even young teenagers. The statistics say that 20 out of every 1000 people suffer from this disorder. Better ways of diagnosing the disorder and an increased awareness of the symptoms have increased the percentage of those that suffer from this. It’s often lumped with other major mental illness but unlike schizophrenia, there are no changes in the brain tissue. Yoga can help program the brain and direct the energy swings to avenues that are more productive.

Bi-Polar is as the name implies, swinging moods from happy, giddy, and increased energy. Rapidly the mood can fall and deep depression will follow. Some other signs of this disorder are sleeplessness, weight loss, and if it progress far enough can cause visual and auditory hallucinations. If this energy is allowed to continue to build, it makes the brain cells disorganized and can cause cell damage. This disorder can be treated, and the patient can lead a productive and satisfying life.

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Yoga will help get in touch with your own body, make you more aware of your mood swings, and help you to stay calm. By concentrating on Yoga poses, breathing and being in the moment will all help to control this disorder. You can’t overlook the importance of professional health and the right medications. Medical help is important to lessen the risk of cellular damage if it’s allowed to continue unchecked. Once the patient has been diagnosed and medication is started, they can then concentrate on raising the level of awareness to what their body needs.

Yoga is a great tool for mentally challenging your body to slow down, and reduce the mood swings. Concentrating on poses, meditating, practicing breathing techniques are all tools for helping you reduce the anxiety and level out the moods in your body. It is important that medication be taken to help stabilize the energy in the brain cells. Clearing out the old negative way of thinking and letting go of the traumas that they have gone through and exercise are all-important to treating Bi-Polar disorder. It’s important for the patient to be medically diagnosed because this disorder is sometimes just treated as depression. The medication and treatment for depression is different from what a patient needs for Bi-Polar.

By listening to your body, practicing concentration and breathing techniques, and follow healthy eating patterns can help your body and lessen the need for large amounts of medications which can damage otherwise healthy organs. One patient after being treated for depression for over 20 years was correctly diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder. After receiving therapy, changed to a different medicine, and increasing his exercise has turned him around. He is now able to live a normal and productive life and is for the first time able to relate emotionally to his wife and children.

The importance of meditation and breathing can’t be stressed enough in helping to treat patients with Bi-Polar disorder. Yoga helps you to achieve the balance of emotions the body needs to produce a healthy and happier person.