Deep Breathing and Yoga – What are The Benefits?

Since Yoga began and followers started practicing the postures, breathing and meditation methods, they discovered longer life spans and better health. It has also been said to increase the chance of reaching super conscious states, making them aware of the even the tiniest movement or sound.

One of the most important lessons learned focused on breathing. Not just breathing but breathing correctly. This can be practiced while doing Yoga postures or even practice breathing techniques to just unwind and rid your body of stress at the office. If you are breathing fast and shallow you might be suffering from insomnia, anxiety, stomach upsets, dizziness, visual problems, and heart palpitations. You can also mistake heart disease in a patient when they’re only suffering from improper breathing techniques.

It’s important to remember to breathe through your nose. That seems like such an obvious activity but many people regularly breathe through their mouth. Let’s look at the reasons you should practice breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. First, the nose has defensive mechanisms that keep impurities, small insects, dust and other articles that can cause infection or other injury to the lungs. The air is warmed as it passes through the first screen consisting of hair, and then winds through passages lined with mucous membranes and even finer dust particles are collected. Inner nose glands fight off bacteria that may have slipped through the other screens. The nose is our sense of smell, and detects poisonous gas that may harm our body, or even kill us.

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Deep breathing as practiced with Yoga will give your lungs and rib cage increased flexibility. This will in turn allow you to take in even more oxygen and many benefits are received by deep breathing other than when exercising.

Deep, controlled breathing can become a habit. How do you stop breathing through your mouth? Keep your mouth closed!

What are some benefits from deep breathing? Here is a list of just a few.
1. Aids in removing toxins from the body.
2. Helps in digesting food.
3. Calms the nervous system.
4. Is good for glands in our body, especially the pituitary and pineal glands.
5. Moving the diaphragm during deep breathing massages the heart and helps blood to circulate better.
6. Makes the lungs more powerful.
7. Reduces the workload for the heart.
8. Aids in weight control. Extra oxygen burns up excess fat more efficiently.
9. Reduces wrinkles and skin becomes smoother.
10. Relaxation of the body and mind. More oxygen in the brain helps to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Deep slow Yoga breathing is valuable for the heart. It reduces the workload for the heart which will be healthier and last longer. The lungs are expanded and then deliver more oxygen to the heart so it isn’t working as hard to get oxygen to the rest of the body tissues.

Yoga and deep breathing have so many benefits that if you only pick one or two of them to focus on in the list of ten, you will be leading a healthier life.